Top Five Most Popular SHS Programmes.

The senior high schools (SHS) in Ghana provide more than 10 different programmes. Now, let’s examine the five most popular programmes.

1. General Arts

There is little doubt that the most popular secondary course in Ghana is the General Arts course, which is taught in the majority of senior high schools. English, French, Economics, Geography, History, Government, Christian Religious Studies, and other subjects are covered in this programme. General Arts as a programme also involves the study and application of technology (ICT in general) and Physical Education (PE)

Because of this program’s popularity and ease of employment following completion, the majority of students choose it. This programme may provide courses in geography, government, CRS, French, elective math, and many other subjects.

2. Home Economics

This is commonly known as the ” ladies programme.” This is that girls make up more than 95% of the students enrolled in this programme. This is the second most well-liked SHS course. This programme offers a variety of courses, such as management of living, food and nutrition, general knowledge in the arts, textiles, economics, biology, and French.

3. Business

The most well-liked programme at university level and the second most popular programme in senior high school. This program’s courses could include,

  • Business Management – BM
  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics – Econs
  • Cost Accounting – Costing
  • Elective Mathematics – E Maths
  • ICT Elective
  • Clerical Office Duties – COD
  • French

4. General Science

one of the senior high school’s most well-liked programmes. The purpose of the SHS General Science Programme is to explore natural phenomena using a methodical scientific methodology that includes hypothesis testing, experimentation, observation, and drawing logical conclusions. This programme offers courses in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Elective Mathematics, and Elective ICT.

5. Visual Arts

This is an extremely fun programme that is also quite practical. Give your ward an opportunity to participate in this programme. The visual arts encompass a wide range of artistic disciplines, such as sculpture, painting, weaving, ceramics, graphic design, and more.

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